Randy Steere will be offering a 2-day Advanced SQL and Tables Training Class in Miami, FL April 25th and 26th.  This class will include a quick review of basic SQL and aggregates followed by outer joins, unions, temporary tables, stored procedures and correlated subqueries.  Tables and data that we will concentrate on will be TBM_CLMAT_PART (participating attorneys), TBM_RATE_FEE (rates), TAT_TIME_NEW, TAT_TIME_MOD, TAT_TIME_BIL (restated WIP).  Successful reporting from these tables will allow us to use all of the advanced SQL being taught.  It will be assumed the user has already taken the beginning tables class and knows basic SQL.

The class will cost $1,000.  For more information, contact Randy directly at RSteere@DFTech.com, 617 794-4100.

Randy Steere