Based on recent AEUC postings, it sounds like it's time for some Aderant-specific SQL training.  Swerdlove Consulting Group will be offering some soon.

I was thinking about a new paradigm: ten  Zoom 1-hour modules spread out over a five-day workweek. Each module would have its own focus and participants could attend only those they would find useful. 

  • Basic SQL syntax (“SQL 101”)
  • Basic Aderant table organization (“Where’s the data?”)
  • SQL Next Steps (“SQL 102”) and Expert SQL Log analysis
  • Understanding Aderant + SQL relational database concepts (keys, joins and groupings)
  • WIP
  • AR
  • Credits, GL and Trust
  • Questions/real life problems solving  and everything else
  • Framework tables + views: The Domain Model
  • Using all of our new knowledge to produce an SSRS report

 These are just off-the-cuff ideas and I would welcome input in structuring the class. Maybe we need more sessions to include more content (examining SQL from Framework apps, stored procedures, more advanced SSRS, more advanced SQL, etc.).  Perhaps after receiving some new ideas, I could put out a SurveyMonkey survey to whittle it down.

Pricing would be based on class size (more people = lower price; fewer people = more individual attention and time to solve specific issues). So, ideas about class-size limits are welcome as well. It is highly recommended that participants arrange for their own SQL Server Management Studio connection to a firm TEST database in advance if they want to execute their own queries.

One thing I know: we will be playing a new game I'm working on a called sQwerdl (the nerdiest game in town). 

For information, questions or comments, please feel free to reply here or email me at

David Swerdlove
Swerdlove Consulting Group