Vendor Policy

Vendor participation is encouraged by the user community. Our main goal is to provide options for our user members by emphasizing the capabilities, creativity and successes of our vendor members. Secondly, we want to highlight the customizability of the Aderant Expert system. Lastly, we hope to create a win-win situation for both our users and vendor members.

Vendor Membership is open to non-Aderant providers of software or consulting services that directly interact or enhance Aderant software and services. Employees of vendor member firms may have individual accounts on the website but are subject to the vendor guidelines discussed herein.

Participation in the Membership Discussion and Member Resource Center Categories

Vendor Members are encouraged to participate and contribute to any posts in the Member Discussions and Member Resource Center categories (Member Categories) provided the guidelines below are followed:

Guidelines for Vendor responses in the Member Categories

  • The purpose of the discussion categories is to promote and facilitate a free exchange of ideas and while we welcome vendor contributions, we will not accept any blatant promotions or solicitations
  • Posts must be on topic and address the specific need being discussed
  • In no event, shall any post be derogatory or otherwise detrimental to any other vendor, user or Aderant.
  • Posts should generally add to the thread in a substantive manner. That is, they should provide clarification, solutions or insight, or should promote further discussion or inspire additional input
  • To the extent that an existing product of yours directly addresses the subject matter of the posting, you may mention it, directing the user to your website or inviting them to contact you offline for more information. In cases where you have addressed the same issue previously through consulting services you should outline the approach and considerations and invite the user to contact you directly for more information
  • It is understood that any solutions offered (in the form of scripts or other resources) in the Member Categories are being offered free of charge for use by any members
  • Vendors should not initiate new discussions in the Member Categories, rather, the Vendor Announcement category is provided specifically for vendors to initiate discussions.

The following actions may be taken against Vendor Members and their individual accounts if these guidelines are not followed:

  • Three flagged violations within any 6 month period may result in a suspension of posting privileges
  • Five flagged postings within an 12 month period may result in a cancellation of your vendor membership.

Vendor Announcement Discussion Category

A special Vendor Announcement discussion category has been established to give Vendor Members an opportunity to promote their services to the membership at large. Our hope is to encourage discussion in the Users Community, provide pertinent solutions for user members and help develop relationships between our users and vendor members.

We invite Vendors to utilize the Vendor Announcements discussion category to make regular posts sharing thoughtful messages about your company's recent successes, current projects, solutions for common issues or a "what's new" note.

Your clients may post responses to these announcements but be sure to consider confidentiality before naming specific clients.

This Discussion Category is not intended to be used as a sales or marketing tool by Vendor Members. Repetitive or frequent posts may be moderated and withheld from general notifications to the community. Posts should focus on information specifically related to the community's use of Aderant software.

Postings to this category are subject to the rules below and will be returned in member searches if they meet the search parameters. Members may also receive email notifications when new items are posted. Vendor Announcements are also displayed to Non-Members on the home page (prior to members logging in).

The Board of Directors reserves the right to edit posts for content or delete posts that it feels violate the guidelines outlined here.

  • Posts should be professional and provide value to the community
  • In no event, shall any post be derogatory to any other vendor, user or Aderant. Nor shall it highlight perceived deficiencies in any other product, service or solutions provided by others
  • Announcements should typically be for a new product or service (or the new release of an existing product) or the appointment of notable staff, opening a new office etc
  • Announcements should be 300 words or less - we encourage the use of link(s) to your website for more detailed information
  • All posts will be archived 1 year after being posted, or if for a specific event, 30 days after the event date

Updated November 2017