What common characteristics do profitable law firms share? What tools and tactics do they rely on to collect more billings, measure staff and lawyer performance, and optimize productivity? We will soon find out! Iridium, along with our friends at LawVision, are launching the 3rd annual "Biggest Law Firm Profitability Best Practices Survey Ever!" Analyzing and reporting on three years of data will give us even more beneficial insights as we capture the ways firms adapted to the impact of COVID-19 in what was an already rapidly changing marketplace 

The survey covers high-level profitability topics and delves into the nuts and bolts of profitability such as assigning allocations, analyzing multiple scenarios, handling rainmakers, etc. Over 100 firms completed the survey last year, and we hope to double that data set this year. Your firm must complete the survey to receive a copy of the follow-up report, which will be available in Q2.  

Take the survey here.

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