Webinar - Product Spotlight: Steere PrebillManager

With so many of your timekeepers and billing staff forced to work from home, now is the ideal time to begin the transition to paperless. While the transition may seem daunting, the Steere PrebillManager can streamline the process, making it easier than ever to have your attorneys and billers review, edit and approve paperless prebills.

Iridium’s Steere PrebillManager completely streamlines bill editing, approval, and processing for firms running Aderant Expert.  Attorney, Assistants, and Billing Specialist edits to prebills are posted directly back into the practice management system, avoiding duplicative manual data entry and speeding the entire bill creation process.

If you want to take the hassle out of your prebill review process, Steere PrebillManager is essential for your firm. Join us for this 45-minute session, and transform your prebill review process with ease.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, May 7
Time: 10 AM PT | 12 PM CT | 1 PM ET | 6 PM BST
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