Apparently this post did not get distributed on Monday, so I am reposting it today as it is important information to disseminate.  I believe part of the problem was the several email addresses I listed, so I have changed how I list them to avoid the problems.


Randy Steere announces that as of June 1, 2020, he has retired from Iridium Technologies and entered into a Strategic Alliance with Chris Sabine of Kelburn Consulting Inc.  Randy will finish up several ongoing projects and also be available to consult, train and perform customizations, although in a scaled back fashion.  The Randy Steere LLC products and support remain with Iridium Technologies. 


Randy can be reached at 617 794-4100 or Randy535 at or through Kelburn Consulting at Randy.Steere at the domain.  Chris Sabine of Kelburn Consulting has experience assisting firms with their Aderant products for more than 20 years throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Asia Pacific, and Randy is excited to be working with Chris.

Randy Steere