We had a fantastic time in Denver and we are looking forward to do it all again in London!

Visit our stand (booth!) and ask about any of the following:

LAWFABRIC - our data fabric solution that gives us a holistic view of all your data sources in one portal. View your finance, documents, workflows and CRM data from our portal.  With the vendor api's write back to the systems. Never alt_tab between apps again!

BLAST-IT  -  Reconcile Bill Blast to Aderant AR and chase fee earners to action issues preventing payment

ASK PAPA -  Our conflict checking system for all hits inside and outside the firm. Covers Potential, Actual and Perceived Conflicts

PREMIUM SUPPORT - – A newly launched subscription service for clients offering a holistic approach to support across all your finance, documents, and CRM silos of data, triaging whether it is a problem for the firm to resolve or one that needs action by a vendor.  If it is a vendor issue, we’d be able to log the call on the firm’s behalf and track it through to its resolution.


+44 7971 537596