Picking this thread up from last Spring, I proposed an Aderant-specific SQL training series over Zoom.  I now have dates scheduled.

There are two tracks: one for Business Analysts who wish to learn or beef up their SQL skills using their own Aderant Expert database; and a second track for IT professionals where knowledge of SQL is assumed but the Aderant database is a mystery – and, perhaps law firm accounting systems generally. The business analysts will learn how to create their own SQL queries in the most frequently used tables; and the IT techies will familiarize themselves with both the accounting tables and system tables with side trips to "the care and feeding of your Aderant database."


Last year, the sessions were scheduled mid-day for 90 minutes each day of the week. Frankly, it was a struggle to cram in all the material I wished in such a short time span. So, this year I would like to extend each day to a full two hour session which should allow time for all the material to be covered + "lab" time to work on current projects that you need to gain increased understanding of the SQL side.


All participants should make sure they have access to their own firm TEST database and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) in order to work along with me, but on their own firm data.  This might mean making arrangements with your in house IT Dept and might take a while to put into place.  Dual monitors are extremely helpful to follow along on Zoom and work independently with SSMS and Expert.


Each day has its own focus and participants can attend only those they would find useful. 

For the Business Analysts:

  • Basic SQL syntax (“SQL 101”)
  • Basic Aderant table organization (“Where’s the data?”)
  • SQL Next Steps (“SQL 102”) and Expert SQL Log analysis
  • Understanding Aderant + SQL relational database concepts (keys, joins and groupings)
  • WIP
  • AR
  • Credits, GL and Trust
  • Questions/real life problems solving  and everything else
  • Framework tables + views: The Domain Model
  • Using all of our new knowledge to produce an SSRS report

For the IT Techies, we skip the basic and mid-level SQL syntax, cover much of the above but add important SQL stored procedure, views, sequences, triggers, maintenance, schema customization, care and feeding.

Cost is $550 for the first participant in a firm; additional firm participants @ $500.

I have structured the classes such that some individuals may choose to take both tracks so the timing is sequential with a 1-week break and the overlap minimal.

  • Business Analysts:
    • September 25 thru 29 – 1PM ET to 3PM ET / 12PM CT to 2PM CT / 11AM MT to 1PM MT / 10AM PT to 12 PM PT
    • October 23 thru 27 – 1PM ET to 3PM ET / 12PM CT to 2PM CT / 11AM MT to 1PM MT / 10AM PT to 12 PM PT
  • IT Techies:
    • October 9 thru 13 – 1PM ET to 3PM ET / 12PM CT to 2PM CT / 11AM MT to 1PM MT / 10AM PT to 12 PM PT
    • November 6 thru 10 – 1PM ET to 3PM ET / 12PM CT to 2PM CT / 11AM MT to 1PM MT / 10AM PT to 12 PM PT

Thanks, and I hope you can attend!  If not this fall, perhaps in the spring.

David Swerdlove
Swerdlove Consulting Group