Iridium Technology is pleased to announce that we have signed up our 50th client running ADERANT Expert, and our 71st client overall!  (Well, truth be told we signed up #51 on ADERANT before we could get this posted…).  Here is a summary of our experience with bringing world class BI solutions to firms running ADERANT:

  •  Our BI solution is now in production at 45 ADERANT sites, with 5 more in implementation and three more in the scheduled backlog
  • Both of the Iridium partners were long-term ADERANT employees and have deep knowledge of the ADERANT table structures
  • Iridium BI was designed specifically for legal and professional firms.  Our motto says it all: "Business Intelligence for Law Firms. Period."
  • Each implementation is customized based on the client requirements. We modify the cubes to match your ADERANT implementation, including bringing in custom tables and columns.  We also customize our dashboards to match firm requirements.
  • While you will be getting a customized solution, you will still have an active upgrade path and participate in the functionality that is available in future releases
  • There are no “black boxes” in our solution. Our clients can have access to all of our source code. 
  • We have a great product line already, and we have five full-time dedicated developers that are continuously improving our functionality. Additionally, all of our 25 technical resources are involved in product development.
  • We have support and implementation resources in all major locales: US, Canada, UK, EMEA, and APAC
  • Our support capabilities are unmatched – we are very close to 24/7/365 support.  We have a total of 25 full-time resources across the globe to provide support during all hours. 
  • BI and profitability for law firms is what we do -- it is our unique focus as a vendor. 

We are extremely pleased to reach this significant milestone.  As always, our thanks go out to our clients for the ongoing support and contribution of great ideas to build into our products!

Tom Jones
CEO/Founder - Iridium Technology LLC
Phone: 775.747.2353
Cell: 775.232.5802