At ITFS we take a practical, pragmatic approach to assist our clients with presenting data to users. 

This can be via:

  • EAPro tiles linking to SSRS reports
  • Financial Statements for Balance Sheet, P&L and Department Head Expenditure
  • Simple to use Excel Pivot tables against
    •    Working Capital  (WIP & AR)
    •    Fees
    •    General Ledger
    •    Accounts Payable

These data marts can also be presented in SSRS or Power BI.  Power BI users can even ask simple questions on their smartphone !

We are also Docudraft Gurus !

We recently went live with one global template for a top 20 law firm:

  • 30 Offices
  • 13 Languages
  • Obeys all jurisdictional requirements
  • Addresses, Dates, Numbers formatted as per the office, client locale 

Get in touch for more information or see us at our booth in Denver!


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