Iridium Technology and LawVision are proud to host, "the biggest and most detailed survey about law firm profitability ever!" The survey was created to investigate firms’ profitability implementation, including allocation methods, reporting capabilities, exception processing, data sources, intra-office/department cost transfers, etc. Iridium and LawVision are also are gathering information on firm attitudes about profitability analysis, if profitability flows into partner compensation, who in the firm has access to profitability data, etc. 

The survey is designed for all firm roles, including finance staff, executive directors, managing partners, department heads, etc. An optional portion of the survey delves into the "nuts and bolts" of firms’ profitability implementation, requiring specific input from finance teams.

Participants in the survey will receive access to the full survey write-up, which will ultimately help inform their profitability initiatives. This if your chance to get insights into what law firms in all regions are truly implementing as profitability “best practices.” Only participants that complete the survey will get access to the full write-up.

The survey is available at 

About LawVision

LawVision offers customized services bolstered by our foundation of strategic knowledge regarding the legal profession. Our services cover all facets of a firm, tackling one challenge, or a broad range of issues. We have the expertise to advise firms on the best direction for their organization.

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Iridium Technology is a global firm specifically focused on business intelligence (BI) for legal and professional services firms. More than 80 global law firms ranging from 40 to 3000+ timekeepers have signed up for our products. Your firm is making a significant investment in business intelligence applications; our mission is to make sure that you receive maximum value for your BI investment. We are “living and breathing” business intelligence and cube-based analytics for law firms every hour of every day. It is our passion and our mission. Our motto summarizes it clearly: Business Intelligence for Law Firms. Period.

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