Have you begun incorporating artificial intelligence into your business? Many companies are starting to utilize AI, to improve and streamline their operations. From automation to trends, artificial intelligence is making waves in the legal industry.

  • Tired of entering all those time entry fields? Determine phase, task, action, or other codes directly from a time entry narrative with 80% accuracy. Reduce the burden of having to fill out all fields, increase the quality of data capture, lessen the likelihood of client rejected time entries. Automate today!
  • Are your timekeepers entering the correct codes? Use our deep learning models to provide immediate or pre-bill validation of assigned phases, tasks, action, or other codes to enhance the quality of data entry and collectability of fees. Validate your data as its being entered.
  • Would you like to know when a bill will be paid? deep learning models, we crawl your data to provide insight into your time, expense, or billing data. Want to know infer activity from time entries, we can do it. Want to know an anticipated number of days to collect on a bill, let AI predict it for you. Unlock the hidden knowledge in your data now!

What other questions do you want your data to answer for you? We are looking for tough questions to answer with AI. We will proof of concept any questions you may have for free, just reach out!

Looking for more information on trends in incorporating AI into your business? Visit our blog post How to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your Business to learn more.

Let us know – have you begun using artificial intelligence in your business? If you haven’t, what’s holding you back?