At BRICKER & ECKLER we take great pride in what defines us and makes us unique among area law firms – our firm culture. We strive to continue our decades-old tradition of fostering a positive work environment, promoting congeniality among attorneys and staff, ensuring respect for everyone and properly recognizing a job well done.

There is a wealth of great things to say about working at Bricker & Eckler, but the driving factor behind the firm’s success is the outstanding and diverse group of people who work here. Our attorneys and staff define our firm and are the reason we succeed every day.

We are currently seeking a Financial Applications Administrator to join our team.


Guided by department objectives and priorities, this position will play an integral role in the success of the firm’s financial systems strategy. As the firm continues to advance its financial system, this position will assist in the development and/or acquisition, implementation, maintenance, and support of the financial applications. 

Interested and qualified candidates can submit resumes at